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Amanie Business Solutions LLC. Launches Its Shariah Compliant
Stocks Screening Service

Dubai, 14th March 2009: Amanie Business Solutions LLC. (“Amanie”) today officially launched its web integrated Shariah stock screening service dedicated to meeting the needs of the Islamic investment and financial community. The launch was officiated by the Managing Director of Failaka Advisors, Mr. Mark Smyth.

Formally known as Amanie Screening Solutions (“Amanie Screening”), the service will target new entrants into the Islamic fund management industry as there is currently an influx of conventional fund managers starting to manage Shariah funds as investors have shied away from investing in conventional funds in the wake of global financial crisis.

Amanie Screening aims to provide the never before available element of flexibility in terms of the screening methodology used by allowing the clients to choose from a number of Shariah compliant screening methodologies that are available currently in the market. Also, it will cater for portfolio screening based on the specific need of the client. The rates for this service will be very competitive as the company aims to extend the Shariah stock screening information to a wider audience.

Commenting on the launch, Amanie’s CEO Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar said, “In line with our vision to further spur the growth of the Islamic investment industry, we feel that the launch of our service is a timely effort to address the informational need of the industry is providing consistent overall information in the area of Shariah compliant stocks. We therefore aim to provide the market with comprehensive and affordable information that will not be constrained by the adoption of any specific methodology as the core methodology for screening stocks. ”

The web delivery platform of Amanie Screening can be accessed through www.amaniescreening.com. Investors and fund managers will be able to view the details and features of the Shariah Stock Screening service as well as register to be able to find out further on the subscription packages that are available at the aforementioned website.

Amanie is a Shariah advisory and education based company seeking to serve the global Islamic finance community.

Amanie is guided by its Shariah Board that consists of four internationally renowned Shariah scholars. The Shariah Board members have a distinguished record in developing the rules and guidelines relating to various Islamic financial products.

View brochureaMembers of Amanie Shariah Board are:
Dr Mohamed Ali Elgari- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Chairman)
Dr. Mohd. Daud Bakar- Malaysia
Dr Mohammad Ali Al Qattan- Kuwait
Dr Osama Al Dereai- Qatar

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